What we must do on Arudra Darshan?

Arudra Darshan

Arudra Darshan is celbrated in the Tamil month of Margazhi coinciding with December – January. This day falls on the full moon night of this month when the Tiruvadirai (Arudra) star rules over. Notably, this happens to be the longest night of the year. Arudra is the star that symbolizes golden red flame, which is none else than Lord Shiva at his cosmic dance. The main highlight of this occasion is having the darshan of Shiva as Natraj, the god at his cosmic dance.

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Cursed Of My Flesh and Bone

babbu (Netra)

MY Flesh and Bone

little voice asked from the buried stone

why am I cursed of your flesh and bone

River moving in me, yes I’m sad

I believe it made my fortune bad

Gratitude served but many died

A curse from the sky, No place to hide

I should have known

she was of my flesh and bone






Reign I Forever

I am the bringer of Rain In a shallow sea

I beat my hammer the ocean plunder

What a great se(a)e that would be

Far in the north land Monks they search’d till dawn

where men trembled to walk on

There reign I forever Shall reign I forever

There are many tales of  stormy sea

With my rage shall beauty hold a plea

A new land of song to perish the gold

I am the bringer of heaven shaking thunder

To bend to fit in my mould

From the chamber of heart blood’s flow

Like a water’of December’s snow

There reign I forever Shall reign I forever


Pre Fatherhood 

Loneliness will teach you how to write
Happiness in you will teach how to shine bright
Sadness will make  you cry and will teach you when not to cry..!
Success and failure will teach you the meaning of try
Birth will give you immer joy
And death will teach you how to say good bye
life will teacher you the right thing
you are under my wing

you are most astonishing thing

Flower of spring

Logan Movie review and Summary

Logan Movie review and Summary

 Is “Logan” more powerful because of what the superhero genre has delivered over the last decade? Does it seem both groundbreaking and classic because it doesn’t feel like a modern superhero movie, especially those with the Marvel brand? Don’t worry. I’m not going to dissect the flaws of the Marvel and DC brands, but it’s undeniable that the modern superhero movie has relied on CGI, particularly in final acts comprised almost entirely of apocalyptic explosions. And so many of them have served as bridges between franchise entries that one feels like they’re constantly watching previews for the next movie instead of experiencing the one they’re watching. “Logan” has stakes that feel real, and fight choreography that’s fluid and gorgeous instead of just computer-generated effects. Most importantly, “Logan” has characters with which you identify and about whom you care. It’s not just “great for a superhero movie,” it’s a great movie for any genre.


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Milk Of Desi Cow Breeds Vs Foreign(Jersey and HF Cow)Breeds

Scientific Comparison between Indian and Western Cow and Cow Products

Today most of the dairies across India produce milk processed from Jersey and H.F cows. But these animals cannot be considered as cows, as these are originally a breed of a wild animal named URUS. In Germany it was called AUROCHS. People of Europe hunted this wild animal for good quality and quantity of meat. But hunting of this animal was difficult, so this wild animal was cross bred with various animals along with Indigenous Cows Of India. Thus were born modern day Jersey, Holstein and F.S cows.

Therefore main aim behind the development of these foreign breeds of cows by western countries is for Meat production.

The most shocking fact is that even today the milk of these animals are not used directly for consumption in Europe because the milk of these animals contain a poisonous chemical called CASOMORPHINE.

The nutritional value of milk of Indian cows (if not fed with grass; polluted with chemical fertilizer and plastic) ;on the other hand; is the highest along with many many curative properties against many diseases.

Finding of life sciences has proved that milk of Indian cows contain an amino acid PROLINE which is strongly bonded to another amino acid INSOLEUCINE. Such milk, called as A2 milk has the capability to fight against diseases and disorders of human body like obesity, joint pain, asthma, mental problems etc. A2 milk contains high levels of Omega 3 that cleans the cholesterol deposits of blood vessels. Cerebrosides present in A2 milk increases brain power. Strontium of A2 milk enhances the body Immunity and protect it from harmful radiation.

Studies made in New Zealand has revealed thatA1 milk of foreign breeds of cows is the major cause of-

High blood pressure.Metabolic degenerative disease.Autism, Diabetes type -1 in children.Mental disorder in old age.

Here are some simple difference between Desi Indian Cow and Foreign Jersey Animal

Angeln Gehen

Angeln Gehen

Soon the war is over
And then we are free again
And can get along again
And tell us new things foolish
How I love you

With you life is for action
Nothing is good enough you anything right for
And yet I love you so much
And you racing again afterwards
Because you enchant me

What do I want for you to go fishing with me
What should I do you for me understand by itself
Oh soon the war is over

And I love you so much
And you racing again afterwards
Because I want you to do even more

What do I want for you to go fishing with me going
What should I do you for me understand by itself
Oh soon the war is over
And then we go fishing we only two